Pain is one of the top health problems in the United States. An estimated 50 million Americans live with chronic pain caused by disease, disorder or accident. An additional 25 million people suffer acute pain resulting from surgery or accident. Approximately two-thirds of these individuals in pain have been living with this pain for more than five years.
The most common types of pain include arthritis, lower back, bone/joint pain, muscle pain, and fibromyalgia. The loss of productivity and daily activity due to pain is substantial. In a study done in 2000, it was reported that 36 million Americans missed work in the previous year due to pain and that 83 million indicated that pain affected their participation in various activities.
People with chronic pain have difficulty finding doctors who can effectively treat their pain. The Chronic Pain in America: Roadblocks to Relief study found that one out of four pain patients had changed doctors at least three times, reporting that the primary reason for the change was that they still experienced pain.

Laser therapy is a safe, pain-free treatment that only takes a few minutes per visit.

Laser therapy is a safe, pain-free treatment that only takes a few minutes per visit. Laser Therapy does not require the use of drugs or surgery, and there are no side effects or risks that may occur with other forms of treatment. In addition, it can often achieve results faster and better than other treatment modalities. Many conditions show signs of improvement in even the first or second treatments.
The primary mechanism of laser therapy is photobiomodulation which causes a stimulation of cells and tissue repair that is based on scientific research which has demonstrated positive physiological effects of infrared wavelengths on cellular organelles and electron chain molecules.


 Injuries treated with laser therapy heal faster
 Laser Therapy has a strengthening effect on tissue repair
• Laser Therapy improves blood flow & lymphatic drainage
 It is an effective means of relief for many pain syndromes
 It can improve immune response

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